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Industries we serve
The solutions we evaluate and suggest are market driven and “one does not fit all” is part of our approach. We share with the clients the major challenges undergoing in their relevant industries in order to better narrow the potential area of interventions and concentrate on what is critical for them.

We support companies in the CG industry to improve, innovate and transform their manufacturing and retail strategies to generate sustainable value along the entire value chain, involving both core and supporting functions.
We serve Luxury, Fashion & Apparel, Packaged goods, Beverage, Electronic products.

We team up with their management team to:

  • Improve Procurement’s performance, configuring a more strategic role for the function to generate short term benefits in terms of cost reduction and quality assurance

  • Optimize production lead-time, synchronizing demand peaks, seasonality and inventory management

  • Optimize the Supply Chain with particular focus on S&OP tasks and the integration of subcontractors and other external manufacturers within the entire production system

  • Review the distribution model to retailers and among them to better serve demand driven production strategies

  • Rethink/Optimize the commercial strategies within retail network such as product assortment and inventory sharing 

  • Design & Implement digital initiatives to fulfil demand through the internet channel and integrate online with brick and mortar operations (omni-channel strategy)


We help companies in identifying new key success factors to emerge and/or strike the competition in a very mature sector, where production de-localization and economies of scale are considered evergreen strategies 

We team up with their management team to:

  • Improve the performance of the sales channels

  • Re-balance their cost structure and reduce expenditures

  • Review the industrial plan and align the Supply Chain to commercial and operating strategies

  • Introduce Change Management program for better Organization’s performance

  • Identify and introduce Digital and IoT solutions, also with a “quick win” perspective


We help companies in better understanding the trend in Transportation industry and focusing on value added services for clients in order to create long-term benefits.
We serve Aviation, Airport infrastructure & services, Cruises, Ports, Rail and Local transportation


We team up with their management team to:

  • Improve ancillary and non-core revenues performance

  • Reduce operating core and non-core expenditures

  • Improve network scheduling and crew management

  • Improve CRM and Sales management


Chemicals are going through a period of important changes where many players are evaluating and taking decision about the rethink and transformation of the business model. We help companies in designing new products and market strategy; we also help them in improving their industrial performances, keeping a strong focus on supply chain and operations strategy 

We team up with their management team to:

  • Restructure the current products portfolio and focus on a unique offering

  • Reduce operating expenditures

  • Introduce more flexibility to produce more customized and distinctive products

  • Rationalize the suppliers network

  • Improve Customer Service


Institutional Investors are looking for growth opportunities to boost their portfolios returns.

Sometimes they hold companies whose business is either underperforming or undervalued as the potential isn't fully revealed.

We help Private Equity firms in:

  • assessing underperforming companies and identifying areas of improvement top and bottom line wise

  • take on temporary management roles to inject seniority and skills in specific areas

  • exploring innovative strategies and introducing new ideas, methods, models and effective solutions to drive the change

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