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CLOCK 360 Diagnostic
In order to stray on tracks and accelerate the execution to achieve result faster and better, Aexein Partners can leverage its diagnostic methodology: Clock360 Diagnostic. It consists in a combination of tools and techniques to analyze and effectively determinate the magnitude of the business challenges, compare the environment with best practice frameworks and identify "quick wins" to implement, ranging from specific process re-engineering, "ad hoc" operating team to set-up, temporary management, up to the introduction of innovative and ready-to-use technologies.
Through Clock360 methodology we run a comprehensive diagnosis of the potential issues that insist on a specific area, impacting both economic and financial results up to the definition of a reliable action plan to reduce pains, limiting the impacts and driving organization to a better state of the art.
Our analysis if founded on four key dimensions addressing: strategy, processes, people & organization and technology 
With a practical and realistic approach, we discuss the pain points with the Client and detect the size of the area of intervention. We make comparison with similar business situations as well: we agree the key topic to address.
We interview key actors, review macro-processes, observe operations, make specific questions about IT solutions and tools commonly used: we assemble and link together the core pieces of the puzzle.
We analyze impacts (qualitative and quantitative), resolve root causes and validate critical issues: we are ready to share what to improve in the short term.
We prioritize improvements, identify different scenarios, define effort and time and validate with Client nexts steps: action plan is on the table. Ready to move on target  
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