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Strategy & Transformation
The high complexity of the business environment and the pressure on results requires a continuous monitoring and evaluation of the go to market strategy and the operating models. Rethinking your strategy to achieve better performances requires a systematic approach to optimize processes, reshape organizations, update technological assets and change the enterprise culture. In other words, transform your business
Strategy & Transformation

We help our clients in identifying and planning their business strategies to generate sustainable value. We work very close to the top management to:

  • Review / Define the industrial strategy

  • Design and carry out Operating Excellence Programs

  • Improve the product/service "go to market" strategy

  • Assess and contain "core" and "non core" operating costs

  • Assess and re-design the Organization: structure, role and responsibilities

  • Identify Innovation needs.


We can support our clients to analyze, evaluate and improve their Organization structure and performance aiming at:

  • Reconfigure the organizational model, identifying the correct rightsizing while simulating short/mid term evolution

  • Configure new Organization model, redesigning key process, role e responsibilities

  • Review the remuneration policies

  • Analyze specific needs within the organization to identify training needs

  • Optimize and validate Organizational model and support Support Public Entities (Legge 231) chnologies.

Board Assistance

With particular focus on SME, we work close to owners and key managers to support the decision making process and ensure the alignment of the strategies to the real market needs in a continuous changing environment.

We act as trusted advisors to:

  • Review the remuneration policies

  • Set Executive Committees

  • Improve the relationship between Board and Managers

  • Manage stakeholders' network

  • Assist Family Buy Out and Board change

  • Support Corporate finance deals.

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