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Paolo Lio

Paolo Lio is among the few experts of the European transportation sectors and has a leadership in the field of Economy and Politics of Transportation and Infrastructure Management with particular focus on airline. Paolo can leverage more than 15 years of experience gained both as manager in the Airline industry and as senior advisor in the consulting field with major focus on Marketing & Sales.


Paolo has a wide experience in Design & Execution of Market Strategy, Business Intelligence and has been in charge of many complex Project Management activities that requires strong negotiation skills and a non common ability to manage the network of relationships with partners and clients 


He has successfully advised public and private clients in the Marketing & Sales Performance Improvement, with particular focus on the Transportation sector, where he assisted major European companies in carrying out high value strategy and marketing research and PI projects to identify and generate benefits from a new market positioning and a better CRM strategy 


In the Public Administration sector, he is a recognized Project Leader to for complex program of Operational Performance Improvement co-financed and sponsored by the European Union


In his career Paolo:

  • Served as Business Intelligence and Customer Care Director in a primary European airline company, where he was responsible for identifying the major guidelines to manage the customer satisfaction and the quality improvement programs for both air and land side of the business

  • Advised some major European LCC in the Marketing & Sales area to improve customer satisfaction analysis and monitoring

  • Advised some major European airlines to rethink the network and improve the sales performance

  • Advised major Italian Public entities in managing complex programs, ensuring quality and on-time delivery


Paolo is a researcher and co-author of some books and articles regarding the Italian airline market and he is partner of Gruppo Clas, Italian leader in the market research and studies for infrastructures and transportation.

Paolo is contract professor at Bocconi Univeristy of Milan for the Master in Infrastructures and Transportation Management (MEMIT)


Paolo has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Bocconi University

+39 334.67.56.578
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