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Riccardo Clocchiatti is Aexein Partners founder and Chairman. He has extensive experience as Group Controller, CFO and Corporate Chief Officer (CCO) to numerous manufacturing companies. Riccardo also served as Senior Manager in a top global Management Consulting company belonging to the Product Strategy market unit.


He can leverage 25 years of professional experience in many areas ranging from accounting, including cash management, treasury and banking, accounting systems, financial planning, and financial reporting to supply chain based capabilities such as Demand planning, Sales Forecasting and S&OP.


He has successfully advised and assisted clients in different industries ranging from food & beverage, consumer goods to automotive

As CFO and later CCO, Riccardo has managed all the key dimensions: processes, organization and technology related to different business areas such as Finance & Control, Marketing, Procurement and Information Technology 

In his professional engagements, Riccardo:

  • Served as CCO in a global shoes manufacturer and retailer, carrying out the restructuring of the Pricing and Controlling models integrating in a unique layer both the Sales & Marketing and Finance & Control flows od operating activities while leading a complex implementation of the Financial IT solution

  • Served as Purchasing Director a best-in-class Italian coffe-machine manufacturer, integrating the global purchases of raw material, semi-finished goods and general services, redefining the costing and the supply chain model underneath 

  • Served as Planning and Control Director and later as Purchased Director a leading Italian coffee maker, starting up the production site in China and influencing the design and implementation of the global Supply Chain

  • Served as Senior Controller in different companies active in the automotive industry

  • As Strategy Sr Manager, Riccardo advised:

    • a Turkish multinational food & beverage company regarding the company’s supply chain evolution in a globalized economy

    • a Turkish Telco leader regarding the optimization of both the Purchasing and Finance functions

    • a primary Italian Bank regarding the strategic initiatives to launch new initiatives in the Chinese market


Riccardo is contract professor at Cuoa Business School in the area of Finance, Planning & Control 


Riccardo has a Bachelor of Economics from Cà Foscari University in Venice (Italy)

+39 335.77.51.483
Riccardo Clocchiatti
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