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Operations & Supply Chain
To fulfill the market requests, companies should master their operations and focus the attention on the higher level of operating excellence they can get. Greater perception of the quality and innovation of the product and service will derive from the ability to effectively connect each step of the value chain.
Competing and winning it's not just a matter of products and services, but it also depends on the quality of the fulfilled demand: in the right place, at the right time.
Market leaders have a clear understanding of the benefits of effectively managing the Supply Chain, synchronizing production tasks to complex demand phenomena.
Supply Chain Management

We help our clients optimize and consolidate their relationships with the external network of business partners to generate sustainable value along the entire value chain.

We work very close to our client's management team to:


  • Asses and re-design the Supply Chain strategy

  • Integrate/de-localize macro-functions and/or new operating entities

  • Design the Master Planning strategy (e.g: centralization of planning functions)

  • Implement/Optimize the Sales & Operations strategy and operating processes

  • Optimize the external Distribution (e.g: logistics, central/local warehousing, retail distribution)

  • Rethink and develop the role of the Purchasing function (e.g: negotiation, suppliers rating, selection)

  • Improve the integration and collaboration among third parts manufacturers of intermediate products and services

  • Enhance the correct design & execution of a modern Omni-channel strategy.

Operations Management

We help our clients improve the performances within their Operations, identifying critical issues, defining new paths to excellence. We have the necessary expertise to support the implementation phase and to ensure lead time and reliability of the change.

We work very close to our client's management team to:


  • Right-size and transform the industrial processes

  • Optimize and reduce lead times in the Product Development and Engineering areas

  • Improve the Manufacturing area, with focus on quality, control and "on time" delivery

  • Improve Inventory and Internal Logistic management (e.g: i/o flows, picking, stocking capacity, production line feeding)

  • Re-design and optimize the Retail operations

  • Enhance the integration of Operations with the other key business areas such as Supply Chain, Finance,Sales & Marketing and IT.

Our team can leverage a higher education and expertise in Operations & Supply Chain Management.

While adopting proven methodologies (such as Lean and Six Sigma), we design/select and implement for our clients easy-to-use toolkits and scorecards to measure and control results.

Convinced of the importance of people and culture within any corporation, we support our customers with specific Change Management Program in order to ensure the sustainability of the results achieved.

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